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Annabelle Fundraiser: Her Journey to RECON 2024

Annabelle Fundraiser: Her Journey to RECON 2024

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Introducing a special bracelet that raises awareness for Down Syndrome and supports Annabelle's journey to RECON 2024.

RECON is a three-day event in Dallas Texas filled with powerful workouts and workshops, led by REFIT®️ founders and experts in personal and professional growth. Annabelle co-teaches REFIT®️ workouts with her mom, Lorie.  Annabelle hopes to meet Molly and Megan there. Molly is a REFIT®️Instructor and Megan is her twin sister.

This beautiful bracelet combines yellow gold hematite arrows and sparkling blue crystal and glass beads, symbolizing Down Syndrome awareness. Yellow and blue represent unity and hope.  

The trio of arrows stands for the three sets of chromosomes in Down's Syndrome and the idea of moving forward with strength. By wearing this bracelet, you make Annabelle's dream of RECON 2024 come true. Together, we raise awareness and empower a meaningful cause.

Offered in three versatile styles: single wrap, double wrap (with a custom word option), and a unisex design bracelet.  

Please note that due to the use of available beads, each bracelet is individually crafted, resulting in delightful variations that make each piece truly unique.

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