About Us

Mahalin Shreds started with two friends, Lorie (RIGHT) and Cynthia (LEFT), both living in California.  Lorie is from Modesto and Cynthia is from San Diego.  They met virtually during COVID in 2020.  Lorie attended Cynthia’s virtual fitness classes. It was sister love at first sight.  Lorie visited Cynthia first in the summer of 2021.  The following year, Cynthia visited Lorie.  They got to know each other well, realizing they have a lot in common, both are Filipino (Lorie not as much), both are artistic in their own way, both are fitness instructors (POUND & REFIT instructors), both are crazy for bracelets.  They could never wear enough bracelets.  Mahalin Shreds became their next venture together - custom bracelets made with fabric shreds or beads and with love.  

Why Mahalin? Mahalin is a Tagalog word, a verb which means to love someone or something; to take care of someone or something; to treasure something; to cherish something. A virtue that Lorie and Cynthia hold true to their hearts.